Grand Charter School supports its academic programmes through a well equipped library. research initiatives are facilitated through a variety of automated online services.

GCS library is an indispensable source of information and one of the finest working libraries amongst the schools of Pakistan.

Experien ced librarians are always there to assist the users for the selection of age appropirate books.

The integrated library system facilitates lending, reference and information services and offers a comprehensive source for the learners and faculty.
Library services are supported through an internet line, which provides users access to periodicals, database, online searching and browsing.

This library is operated by a latest automated information system. This resource center comprises of more than 20300 books with the modest collection of audio-visual aids and other resources. It also subscribes to five local and two foreign newspapers as well as current national and international periodicals, journals and magazines, Indexing and current affairs bibliography databases provide quick and easy access to newspapers, magazines and articles.

Library displays a welcoming and peaceful reading environment where books have been classified by specifically designed shelves according to the academic disciplines. Specific cabins give access to the students to the past papers, examiner reports, general comments, references, text books, magazines, newspapers and audio-visual aids.

Kids’ corner with its cosy setting for story telling to young children is adding colour to the library. Children are trained to observe library rules before they start visiting library on regular basis. Creative resources for story telling like cutouts, puppets and pictures of story characters on flannel boards are used to sustain young listeners attention.

The library has book bank, which provides recommended text books of all disciplines.

Students are encouraged to donate their old books for less resourceful students. These books are available for the students, fee of cost aim of this practice is to inculcate respect for the books and sense of social welfare amongst students.

Latest OHPs and Multimedia Projectors provide an access to the students to deliver subject specified presentations monitored by competent instructors to enhance communication skills and confidence among the students. Remarkable presentations are kept as source for future references.

Photocopier under same roof is and added facility in the school library. Required material from reference books supposed not to be issued can be copied for the completion of different assignments and research work.

GCS Library has subscribed membership of digital libraries to provide users access to the classified resources worldwide.

Regular library orientation sessions are held to train the users in handling books, skim reading and other study skills to increase the effectiveness of research.

Grand Charter School arranges orientation meetings with the parents at the beginning of the sessin. Parents are encouraged to attend this meeting. Main objective behind this gathering is to provide complete information about scheme of studies. Books assessment procedure and all about school activity calendar for the year. Parents get full opportunity to visit classrooms, and meet class teachers. They are free to ask different questins and get understanding of their child’s school practices and procedures. The greatest value of such meeting is in their potential to stimulate us for better scrutinizing and reflection on our ways of working and to avoid traditional academic pitfall.

Except certain gazette holidays, library is open six days a week from 8:00am to 3:00pm for the learners.

2-Computer LAB

GCS has installed P-IV computers in Model Town campus. MIS department is responsible to upgrade these machines from time to time to keep abreast with the lates developments in information technology. Every GCS student right from reception level has free access to the computer. Our main targets are computer literacy and computer assisted learning (CAL) at all levels. We are using computers to reinforce actual lessons through especially designed software.

School is focusing on changes in technology to acquaint its students with these new advancement. All students are given hands on experience and are encouraged to experties with the machine.

All the section of school are equipped with separate computer labs i.e.,

Kindargarten Section
Junior Section
Senior Girls Section
Senior Boys Section
Language LAB

Specific Internet Labs are also available for O and A Levels students.

3-Science Lebartary

Theory and research suggest that meaningful learning is possible in laboratory activities if all students are provided with equal opportunities to manipulate equipment and materials. Students work cooperatively with peers in an environment in which they are free to pursue solutions to problems they come across. Observation leads to findings which is a key source of concept clarification and strengthening of ideas.
Grand Charter School firmly believes that the best way of learning is to observe and experience. It facilitates the students at all levels to refine their knowledge by using modern equipped labs under the supervision of competent instructors.
School provides well equipped labs with all latest facilities and safety measures. Proper place and area is provided to each student according to the international standards of Cambridge University, London Board specified for O & A Level.
Chemistry lab has been designed in accordance with specific quality certified system. Latest equipment is available for the students to perform experiments. Spacious and secure environment is provided to ensure safety. Protective clothing, gas monitors, fire extinguishers, safety goggles and effective exhaust system are used to avoid adverse situations. Rules and regulations are explained and observed strictly throughout lab sessions. Demonstrations are given by the instructors about proper handling of acids, chemicals, glass tubing and sharps.
This lab is equipped with especially designed tables, cupboards for storage, demonstration bench, gas connection and latest apparatus. It includes specimens of different groups of vertebrates and invertebrates, prepared slides of uni-cellular and multi-cellular organisms, cross sections of stems, leaves and roots etc., different types of models, fresh mounts and charts. Different types of Microscopes are available with the ratio of 1to 6 students.
Our Physics Lab provides opportunities for students to acquire the manual and mental skills associated with learning physics, it is essential that they remain fully engaged in laboratory activities. Grand Charter School provides sufficient equipment and laboratory stations for students.

4-Computer Assisted Learning

Today people speak of computer literacy, office automation and information processing. Computer studies are now offered as a part of regular timetable in our school. IT is introduced as an optional subject for the science students.
This Computer Studies syllabus is independent of other syllabuses at this level. The objective is to gain knowledge of information processing and the broad range of its applications together with a general understanding of how and information-processing system is designed to suit a particular application and how such a system works. The syllabus concentrates on the principles of information processing so that, students will study contemporary hardware, software and applications and they should be well equipped to appreciate future developments in the technology.
GCS has installed P-IV computers in Model Town campus, MIS department is responsible to upgrade these machines from time to time to keep abreast with the latest developments in information technology. Every GCS student right from reception level has free access to the computer. Our main targets computer literacy and computer assisted learning (CAL) at all levels. We are using computer to reinforce actual lessons through especially designed software.
School is focusing on changes in technology to acquaint its students with these new advancements. All students are given hands on experience and are encouraged to expertise with the machine.
All the sections of school are equipped with separate computer labs i.e. Kindergarten Section, Junior Section, Senior Girls Section, Senior Boys Section, Language Lab, Specific Internet Labs are also available for O & A Level students.
Teaching language and linguistics through computers is a regular practice in early years class rooms. Directresses remain busy in providing correct pronunciation, vocabulary and phonics with the help of carefully designed early years educational software. They enable the students to play interactive games which not only develop keyboarding skill but also help them mastering various linguistic and mathematical concepts. We encourage our students to solve basic number problems and develop counting skills by using mathematical software. Due to this computer assisted teaching methodology, intensive procedures of recognition and recitation become a play session for young learners. This lab has been provided with modern computers.
Cross Curricular Computing Project is successfully implemented in the school. It involves a carefull blend and integration of IT with the curriculum.
A separate lab has been established with subject specified software. C3 (Cross Curriculum Computing) compatibility is available is junior section computer system. Students strengthen their concepts with the help of comprehensive learning through multimedia and presentations. They prepare their assignments by using this software.
These labs have been supplied with P-IV. Many software of Mathematics, Geography and other science subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology are available with both audio-visual facilities. GCS is using instructional computer in two ways to provide direct presentation of data or to act as a teacher to test the understanding and knowledge of the student. The computer asks the questions and then gets answers from the students. It checks the answers and then shifts gradually on to more difficult questions. Spoken English Language programs are installed to develop listening and speaking skills.
This lab is equipped with modern computers. All the systems are connected through a network. Each student is given a separate system with head phones to listen and learn directly the correct pronunciation and accent of second language.
Internet Lab is specified for O & A levels students to use internet facility. This lab can be connected to the other labs and the whole school can get benefit of it. Furthermore faculty members can also update their knowledge about school reports and other activities through its website.
Highly qualified technical staff maintains smooth operation of the lab facilities. School software and hardware engineers work to maintain and manage all the equipments available in the labs.

5-Integrated Computer Technology of English Learning (ICTEL)

Counselors propose the ways to reduce tension improve communication and give the students confidence and courage to face the difficulties. Workshops are arranged on issues such as assertiveness, developing positive self-image, eating disorders, managing work-loads, presentation skills, motivations, exams preparation and managing anxiety and fear.

6-Multimedia Classrooms

After the completion of unit/chapter, teachers assign different topics to the students either in groups or individually considering the contents of the unit. These presentations can be prepared uising charts, diagrams, transparencies, CDS, models.

7-Student Counseling Services

At Grand Charter School, we focus on the holistic development of an individual. We work to enable the students to increase their strengths, enhance their abilities, develop their personality and overcome their weaknesses. GCS has a career advisory body for career counseling of students. The school organizes seminars, conferences, workshops, discussions and forums to dig out the hidden aptitude of student for certain line or field.

Students can encounter a number of difficult situations: confusion about career choices, difficulty managing stress, and conflict with peers/siblings and family. For these and many other reasons, each year students turn to the staff at GCS to help tehm talk throught their feelings and thoughts about difficult situations, learn new coping strategies and make decisions about what to do. The staff at GCS is well trained to help students with a variety of issues in the true sense of words.

Individual counseling focuses on the concerns students has raised. Student Counseling Services use a short-term therapy model. Counselor develops strategies to address goals, and then determines the lenght of time needed to resolve these concerns. Counseling sessions last about 50 minutes. Meetings are conducted in private, and records are confidential. Psychiatric consultations are also available to discuss issues related to mediation.

Group therapy is frequently the treatment of choice for students. Group counseling brings together a small number of individuals (usally 8-10) with one or more trained group leaders. Group members share what is bothering them. The process of sharing with each other, listening to each other, giving and receiving feedback, offering support and expressing their feelings about what someone else says or does can be extremely helpful in order to let the children hav optimistic approach. Group members begin to see that they are not alone. Counselors propose the ways to reduce tension, improve communication and give the students confidence and courage to face the difficulties. Workshops are arranged on issues such as assertiveness, developing positive self-image, eating disorders, managing work-loads, presentation skills, motivations, exams preparation and managing aniety and fear.

8-Personality Development Centre

Grand Charter School motivates students, creates awareness, involves community, and utilizes participatory approach to promote gender equalization. GCS undertakes students’ development and personality building by making self-help groups, providing them useful reasouces and information; exploring, and utilizing their potential for their betterment as well as for society.
At GCS social skill development exercises are also conducted which include the national concept, development of child’s behaviour towards the global society and moral development includes learning of Islamic Ethics and moral values.
Regular timetable offers short term training workshops and remedial classes to fulfil individual needs. Resourceful persons are appointed to improve the performance in concerned areas, individually, individualized educational programmer critically evaluates each student’s progress and then decides remedial sessions.
Students need to develop selft-confidence. We wish to lay the foundation on which students can develop their personality and achieve self-respect. Skills need to be inculcated in order to achieve a good personality, are Assertiveness Communication skills Leadership qualityies Public speaking skills Social skills.
Our endeavor is to help a student to develop at least some of these qualities, if not all of them. With the right guidance, we can brush up the innate skills of a child. We hold seminars and workshops for students under the capable guidance of eminent personalities. These seminars remain open to all students. Students are requird to participate in the group discussions or other organized events actively, in order to gain them maimum benefit of the provided coaching.

9-Curriculam Research and Development (R&D)

Possession of relevant knowledge, cration of new concepts, and the capacity for its application have become the determinants in the strength of a nation. Curriculum reflects the school’s belief of manifestation of experiences and best variety of disciplines for the students. As a rejoinder to the challenges GCS gives utmost importance and priority to the selection of its curriculum and syllabus. It tailors and modifies the schemes of studies of different disciplines offered to students. GCS has revamped its early years and primary curriculum. Care is taken to systematically evaluate new curricula ensuring maximum input from practicing teacheers and other expertiese. Curriculum research and development have become and interal part of the fabric of GCS. New curricula is one of the most significant achievement of our school. The aim is to develop an integrated, relevant, conceptualized, updated, and modern curriculum in preview of national objectives.
GCS spends a reasonable percentage of its budgetary resouce at research and development, a manifestation of an unwavering commitment to the knowledge cause. We encourage our teachers to pool in their evaluation of experiences. Our team of experienced classroom practitioner design a curriculum avoiding all past errors by consulting previous lesson plans and evaluations. GCS is a platform where ideas, classroom experiences and teaching strategies of teachers are greatly valued while designing curriculum. Time management methodology ond production stages of selected topics are carefully managed.
Age appropriate themes and topics, supported by relevant activities, and assessed by technical methods.
Progression at all levels is a major feature of curriculum to avoid gaps.
Challenging and providing equal opportunities to students of different abilities, gender, race, creed and backgrounds.
Assessment procedures are carefully designed with each unit to evaluate learning.
Stimulating and motivating strategies fabricated to maintain interest of the students throughout the framework.
Quality implementation and practicality of curriculum is ensured by the teachers.
Flexible and progressive according to requirment of ever-changing dynamic educational standards, to make every day a quality day.
Coherent and focused collection of activities, well articulated accross the grades are the main features of our curriculums at Grand Charter School.