The qualifications and programs at GCS are based on the heritage of leadership and innovation, generated by inspiring vision, governed by uncompromising missionary zeal, and fueled by the modern technology, all resulting into a distinguished character and culture for which GCS is renowned.
Currently, GCS offers programs under six schools with the collaboration of three National and International board of studies, namely; GCS pre-school system (Montessori), GCS Cambridge International Primary Programme (CIPP), Cambridge International Secondary 1, GCS Cambridge International Secondary 2 (O LEVEL/IGCSE EDEXCEL London Examinations), GCS Cambridge Advanced Level (AS /A Level), GCS Matriculation Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE).
GCS programs are a formidable response to the knowledge demands, technological challenges, societal responsibilities and leadership imperatives. GCS programs are geared to equip future leaders, professionals and executives with the knowledge, technology, skills and insight essential to make a difference in society. More specifically, the key objectives and unique features of GCS approach that promise distinctive advantages to the aspiring future leaders are discussed bellows:

Leadership Development
Focus on the development of leadership skills and an executive talent among the students to face new challenges of modern era is the central feature of GCS programs. The aim is not merely to churn out future employees but to turn learners into business leaders and industry professionals capable of taking on the challenge of charting and changing the course of organizations through uncertainties and competitions. Learners develop competence to manage and operate within diverse teams in cross functional areas, utilize technology, communicate effectively, think strategically while making decisions and the ability to create synergy of specific skills in an environment requiring teamwork and leadership.
Academic Culture
The academic culture at GCS features an unparalleled faculty, conducive learning environment, lively classroom atmosphere, unmatched student-resource person interaction, robust student-management relationship and a problem-solving demeanor- cutting edge developments in teaching and training methodologies coupled with the study counseling and students’ guidance schema further augment all their efforts as the learners benefit from the career-counseling step by step guidelines for actions and tips to master a subject.

Personal Scale
Learning at GCS is literally a personal experience. It is active, collaborative and shared. The setting, facilities and methodology and individual attention offered at GCS provide learners with an ideal environment for learning. Instead of mere transmitting knowledge, GCS believes in total holistic, integrated and inclusive development and as such develops the whole person. It encourages reflection and personal growth of the learners, prepares them to effectively affront new challenges and helps them to rise above self-interests and go beyond self-imposed limits. As such, GCS is invigorating and enlivening the lives of the future professionals.

State-of-the-Art curriculum
The curriculum and scheme of work designed by GCS incorporates topics and latest state of the art developments. The competence-oriented and practically relevant scheme of work emphasizes upon the analytical, technical, interpersonal and functional skill development, Besides acquisition and transfer of knowledge, it provides a thorough grounding and in-depth understanding in the fundamental areas, and develops the ability to communicate, motivate and lead people. GCS enjoys distinction of offering Cambridge International qualifications/programs for the first time in Pakistan. GCS resource persons after long research and careful analysis develop and update the courses regularly. In order to further intellectual as well as experiential perspectives and contribute towards multiple learning opportunities, GCS curriculum maintains a balance between theory and practice, art and technology, reality and simulation.

Ethical Focus
GCS focus to anticipate ethical concerns, analyze potentially destructive moral dilemmas and devise strategies for constructive integration of values. It develops a respect for ethical and moral values as well as a sense of entrepreneurship. The students learn that knowledge-sharing, harmony, respect for one another and honesty are essential components of learning, development and career success.

Unfolding creativity
Through the skill of Fine Arts, the child’s vision of seeing the things and drawing them on canvas, becomes broad. We are born creative, if we neglect to develop and strengthen these skills, our creativity becomes inhibited, by assisting and encouraging a child’s creativity, we set the stage for endless opportunities for child’s imagination. By grooming their esthetic sense, we enable our children to have a beautiful view towards life. A child’s work speaks of his/her mind and enables us to judge his/her personality. A healthy imagination not only creates a resourceful and productive individual, but it also builds self-esteem which is an important tool to be used for the rest of that child’s life. When the students create work of art they don’t just draw a picture, instead they create aspects of their own imagination and thoughtful ideas which they bring into life through colours. Arts education benefits the student because it grooms the child by developing intuition, reasoning, imagination dexterity into unique forms of expression. It enables a child to understand human experiences both of past and present. By doing the Arts, students stimulate their natural creativity and learn to develop it to meet the needs of a complex and competitive society and as study and competence in the arts reinforce one another, the joy of learning becomes real, tangible and powerful.
art club
The art club arranges Art Exhibitions by collecting original artistic contributions of the students. Art Exhibitions are a blend of productivity, exciting and enriching creativity. The are work includes string work, cloth work, fabric painting, pot painting and drawings displayed in School Art Gallery. The children work with diverse mediums such as clay, wire sculpture. Plaster of paris and scratch board in addition to drawing techniques. We encourage all students regardless of artistic ability to be creative in a relaxed atmosphere. Student’s work gets appreciation and prizes are distributed to the best artists of the year. This gives students an honour and confidence to emerge as young artists in the society.

Individualized Growth program
Regular timetable offers short term training workshops and remedial classes to fulfill individual needs. Resourceful persons are appointed to improve the performance in concerned areas, individually. Individualized educational programmer critically evaluates each student’s progress and then decides remedial sessions.
Students need to develop self-confidence. We wish to lay the foundation on which students can develop their personality and achieve self-respect. Skills need to be inculcated in order to achieve a good personality, are assertiveness communication skills Leadership qualities public speaking skills Social skills.
Our endeavor is to help a student to develop at least some of these qualities, if not all of them. With the right guidance, we can brush up the innate skills of a child. We hold seminars and workshops for students under the capable guidance of eminent personalities. These seminars remain open to all students. Students are required to participate in the group discussions or other organized events actively, in order to gain them maximum benefit of the provided coaching.

Teaching Excellence
The long-term strategy of being the leader for relevant and innovative teaching ensures learning excellence. The central feature of GCS learning approach is the creative, proactive, participative and innovative interplay of ideas between the dynamic learning enthusiasts, the learners and friendly and inspiring resource persons. The learning infrastructure, an immense and unique resource, future strengthens the classroom instruction, adds value to the total learning process and the taught concepts, making for relevant and challenging learning experience.

Multimedia Presentations
After the completion of unit/chapter, teachers assign different topics to the students either in groups or individually considering the contents of the unit. These presentations can be prepared using charts, diagrams, transparencies, CDS, models etc.

These are used as important tools to summarize and apprehend the important parts of the lecture. These are based on the application of the concepts in real world situation the assignments, worksheets & concepts maps do not let a child be victim of monotonous written work. The kinds of worksheets and assignments are mentioned below:

• Activity based worksheets.
• Skill based worksheets
• Practical based worksheets
• Concept maps
• Computer Assignments
• Library assignments
• Picture comprehension assignments
Most of them are solved at school yet few can be given as home work according to the requirement.

Remedial sessions
GCS also arranges the remedial sessions after school or on Saturdays for the weak students. Remedial sessions are arranged separately for every subject. Students who lack in any subject are called to the school and extra attention is given to make up their short comings. Handwriting remedial is also arranged to improve a child’s work presentation.

Esprit de Corps
The students at GCS represent a cross-section of learners from a variety of social and demographic backgrounds. Together they form a vibrant community of committed and capable learners who work with each other, value each other’s contributions and shape up to assume further responsibilities. They work in small groups, in projects which foster team building. Although they compete with one another in classroom settings and experimental exercises, the learning methodology balances cooperation with completion. The participants learn the fine art of collaboration, understand group dynamics and realize the significance of cultural values all resulting into an intensive learning experience.

Real world Interaction
As the academic session progress, students get numerous opportunities to interact with different organizations

GCS offers a Cambridge International Primary Programme at the forefront of International assessment. GCS is committed to provide qualifications and services that are relevant, accurate, affordable and internationally recognized for all age groups. In early years of learning, children acquire elementary skills and knowledge to prepare them for the later stages of education to achieve success. GCS provides a route that students can follow from the post kindergarten stage to university enterance.

Compulsory Subjects:
English, Urdu, Islamiat, Pakistan Studies, Mathematics
Elective Subjects:
1- Physics, Chemistry, Biology
2- Physics, Chemistry, Computer Sciences

O’LEVEL Combinations
1- Physics, Chemistry, Biology
2- Physics, Chemistry, Additional Mathematics
3- Physics, Chemistry, Computer Sciences
4- Economics, Accounting Business Studies
5- Economics, Commerce, Accounting
6- Economics, Computer Sciences, Business Studies
7- Accounting, Computer Sciences, Business Studies
8- Accounting, Commerce, Computer Sciences
9- Accounting, Commerce, Business Studies.

English, Urdu, Mathematics, Islamiat, Pakistan Study

1- Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
2- Physics, Chemistry, Biology
3- Physics, Mathematics, Further Mathematics
4- Accounting, Computer Sciences, Business Studies
5- Economics, Computer Sciences, Business Studies
6- Physics, Chemistry, Computer Sciences
7- Economics, Accounting, Business Studies

Urdu and GP(General Papers) English can be taken with any above combinations

BTEC International Diplomas