Children of today are growing up into a fast changing world, facing challenges requiring flexibility and creativity. The ability to adapt with inner confidence is an essential quality needed in the 21st century: GCS helps cultivate the skills and inner strength necessary to meet these challenges.

The first few years of a child’s life are the most formative years. It is a time when children effortlessly absorb concepts and habits. It is also the period when roots for a love of learning are established

According to Montessori philosophy, children absorb their environment unconsciously and enjoy learning most during the early years of their lives. We can help channel your child’s natural curiosity into positive learning experiences in our Kindergarten program.

There is no doubt that the early year’s foundation stage offers an outstanding start to the children’s education.

A child’s early experience of school is vital for developing a positive and confident attitude to learning, to work and to other people. Grand Charter School (Montessori) gives our 4 to 7 year olds a happy, secure and purposeful start in an exciting, caring environment.

As part of a wider community, the kindergarten benefits hugely from access to the magnificent higher secondary facilities and specialist teachers for every subject. There is also huge scope for bringing students of different ages together to learn from each other and enjoy each other’s company through shared projects and activities.

During their three years in kindergarten, our girls and boys are well-grounded in the basic skills, encouraging them to become independent learners and creative thinkers, right from the start. The beautiful parkland setting surrounding the kindergarten is an integral part of being a place which inspires learning, creativity, imagination, exploration and a sense of wonder.


Our aim is to promote academic, sporting and cultural excellence. Our pupils are nurtured within a warm atmosphere with the emphasis on a total curriculum. Dedicated members of staff care for our pupils and we are committed to fostering the individual talents of every pupil. We have early-morning and after-school care, plus a very full extra-curricular programme ensuring that each pupil will have the opportunity to sample a variety of activities on offer. We intend that our pupils will leave pre-school having experienced an excellent early education and with a set of values that will prepare them for their primary and senior school years, and for the life beyond.

We believe this period of life is really important both in its own right but also in preparing children for later learning. The Kindergarten is a bridge from home to school which gives the child a space to explore the world at an unhurried pace. From the age of 3 to 5, children grow, develop and learn rapidly. Most children go through the same stages but each child is different. They choose their friends and develop their own preferred ways of learning.

We treat the value of every member of our community as a uniquely gifted creation of Allah and to provide every child with opportunities for social, emotional and physical growth and development, equip with the confidence to learn

At GCS Kindergarten, we provide a safe, nurturing, loving and stimulating environment for our children. We believe in learning through play with a balance between independence and structure. Our program addresses the whole child: cognitive, social, emotional, physical and psychological development.


Reception: Ages 3 yrs – 4 yrs
Kindergarten Level -I: Ages 4 yrs – 5 yrs
Kindergarten Level -II: Ages 5 yrs – 6 yrs


A strong structure underpins a curriculum that seeks to develop the potential of every student. Academic rigor is valued at all stages, and the classroom focus is on challenge, engagement and achievement. Learning is celebrated in all its forms. A huge range of extension activities enhances the formal curriculum, and our students thrive within a vibrant programme. Implicit in the education is the understanding that each child is unique, and brings with them their own gifts and challenges – this understanding ensures that every child is celebrated for who they are, and enables a class to become a close and socially aware group, full of children who are confident, happy and who love to learn

Our curriculum includes all pre-school activities: art and craft work, singing percussion, sports, communication skills, language, literacy and early mathematics. We work towards the six areas of learning and early learning goals as set by the CIPP, which are, Communication, Language and Literacy, Mathematical Development, Knowledge And Understanding Of The World, Personal ,Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development and Creative Development with an emphasis on “learning through play”.

All rising 5 year olds will have the opportunity for individual assistance with early reading and writing skills, science, computer skills and number work. To provide a stimulating learning environment with a technological orientation across the whole curriculum, which maximizes individual potential and ensures students of all ability levels are well equipped to meet the challenges of education, work and life

Our Theme-based curriculum allows children to explore subjects such as Language, Math, Science, General Knowledge, Social Studies, Nature and Health. Children are also taught about Grooming, Hygiene, Manners, Etiquettes and Courtesy. Children also take part in various Arts and Crafts Activities, Music and Dance, Cooking and Baking Lessons, Story Time, Drama and Role Play.

We regularly conduct Fun Filled and Educational Field Trips.


The purpose built pre-school campus is at the leading edge of environmentally friendly accommodation. The School features state of- the-art ventilation, insulation, heating, cooling and acoustic systems; which stands as a monument to energy efficiency. All classrooms have interactive whiteboards and they markedly enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Classroom Environment
Classrooms are carefully planned to meet the needs of young learners and organized for their convenience. Areas of learning are defined, yet the space is open to allow plenty of room for social interaction and activities required for growth and development. Teachers lead classes using age appropriate Montessori materials and activities that are designed to arouse their interest and involvement.

Areas of learning include large muscle movement and fine motor exercises for hand-eye coordination. Practical life exercises such as pouring, sweeping, dusting, buttoning, zipping and table setting are introduced early, providing opportunities for children to care for themselves and their environment. Lessons of grace and courtesy are practiced daily to help young learners learn to share things and be considerate of others.

Safety & Security
We have 24-hour camera surveillance on all facilities – both indoor and outdoor – 24×7. Our entrance is secured by entry pass based system to ensure the safety of your child.

Language LAB
Teaching language and linguistics through computers is a regular practice in early years class rooms. Directresses remain busy in providing correct pronunciation, vocabulary and phonics with the help of carefully designed early years educational software. They enable the students to paly interactive games which not only develop keyboarding skill but also help them mastering various linguistic and mathematical concepts. We encourage our students to solve basic number problems and develop counting skills by using mathematical software. Due to this computer assisted teaching methodology, intensive procedures of recognition and recitation become a playful session for young learners. This LAB has been provided with modern computers.

Reading Corner
Reading corner with its cosy setting for storytelling to young children is adding colour to the library. Children are trained to observe library rules before they start visiting library on regular basis. Creative resources for story telling like cutouts, puppets and pictures of story characters on flannel boards are used to sustain young listeners attention.

Indoor Play Room
We have an indoor playroom including ball pit and slide. This area is used by all age groups year round, but more often when the weather does not permit outdoor play.

Multiple Outdoor Play Areas
We have two play structures set up for young learners exclusively. We also have two play yards for all children in which they rotate between morning play and afternoon play. Each yard allows the children to run, skip, hop, jump or climb. The structures allow them to play on three different types of slides and use their imagination in the play house. In the sand table, fine motor skills are strengthened by creating sand castles and many configurations.