Building self image is embedded in how a person is assessed and evaluated in the tests and trials, thus, focus on internal control of behaviour needs to be diligently nurtured through assessment system. We are, therefore, constantly looking for more effective ways to assess and report on the overall progress of the student. The school session has been divided into two terms.
First term and second term examinations are divided into monthly tests and final assessments. The criteria of assessment includes following areas:
Active comprehensive Unit Based Test Results’ record has been maintained on monthly basis that shows all weak areas of every individual. It is discussed thoroughly with the parents seeking remedies in daily meetings. These discussions lead to a better performance in the examination.
In Primary section students are supposed to obtain at least 50% marks in aggregate and 60% in major subjects (English, Math, Urdu and Science). Students in secondary section must obtain 50% marks in both, major and minor subjects in order to get promotion to the next class.
Reporting is done through marks and suggestions at the end of both terms.

A student is promoting to the next class at the end of the school year. This promotion depends on student’s overall performance throughout the year, and not solely on any final test or examination. If student’s performance is unsatisfactory and he/she has failed twice to get promotion by the end of the school year, that student will be considered automatically withdrawn from the school. The decision of the heads of the school will be final in these matters.
Grand Charter School’s programmes are based on the heritage of leadership and innovation, generated by inspiring vision, governed by uncompromising missionary zeal, and fueled by modern technology-all resulting into a distinguished character for which GCS is renowned. We focus on the development of leadership skills and natural talents among the student.

After the completion of unit/chapter, teachers assign different topics to the students either in groups or individually considering the contents of the unit. These presentatins can be prepared using charts, diagrams, transparencies, CDS, models etc.

These are used as important tools to summarize and apprehend the important parts of the lecture. These are based on the application of the concepts in real world situation the assignments, worksheets & concepts maps do not let a child be victim of monotonous written work. The kinds of worksheets and assignments are mentioned below:
Activity based worksheets
Skill based worksheets
Practical based worksheets
Concept maps
Computer Assignments
Library assignments
Picture comprehension assignments
Most of them are solved at school yet few can be given as home work according to the requirement.

GCS also arranges the remedial sessions after school or on Saturdays for the weak students. Remedial sessions are arranged separately for every subject. Students who lack in any subject are called to the school and extra attention is given to make up their short comings. Handwriting remedial is also arranged to improve a child’s work presentation.

GCS has announced scholarships scheme on merits. The purpose of merit scholarship is to reward outstanding academic achievements of the students at all levels, leading to reduction in the tuition fee. Special criteria has been laid down for the award of merit scholarship. Other type of scholarship is resource scholarship which is offered to cover a wide spectrum of situations. Merit scholarship is awarded for one academic year and may be renewed. Each section of the school is allocated a certain number of scholarships to be given annually. The school reserves the right to withdraw the scholarship scheme at any time at its sole discretion.

We track our classrooms performance on a daily basis to ensure the highest standards of education. Our teaching methodologies utilize latest videos, audio, software, field projects. Case studies, simulated workshops, and presentations.