Believing that activity-based learning is an integral part of modern education, we provide an environment where students learn through different activities and are able to relate theory and practical while having first hand experience.

Besides academic rigor, year-round extra-curricular and co-curricular activities have mad learning literally worthwhile fun and full time enjoyment. Such activities form an integral part of learning experience and keep on exciting, enjoying and refreshing the learners that develop team building, oration, and leadership, together with academic environment and learning methodology, such activities inculcate team spirit, how to interact, re-act, pro-act and finally win.

Certainly these activities leave positive effect on the personalities of the students by developing sense of tolerance, brotherhood, equality, perseverance and enthusiasm which ultimately help them to determine and achieve long term targets in their lives.

GCS organizes various clubs for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to enlighten and develop the students’ hidden talents. School organizes exciting and thrilling, field and recreational trips for the students to different areas in and out of the city.

Students are encouraged to participate in outdoor activities like scouting, tracking, rock climbing, skiing and water sports for which arrangements have been made with reliable leading organizations in the country. Besides providing fun and enjoyment, these activities also serve the useful purpose of life saving or survival training for the youngsters.

Educational Outdoor Trip

GCS outdoor educational programme is introduced with the aim to integrate outdoor experiences with learning. A dedicated staff has been hired in this department with necessary expertise in the field of conducting outdoor excursion for children informative lectures are delivered by the instructor related to the visited place. After a field trip, the participants submit a written report on their observations and learning about culture and climate of that area.

Science Projects

Science projects prove to be self-validating and exciting because it is not just practice, it is not just practice, it involves real discovery of known or unknown formation, Science Club arranges Science Exhibitions by collecting science projects made by the students. Science teachers assign different projects to students either individually or in groups depending on the nature of the project. Students prepare these projects with the guidance of their teachers in the school.

Science Exhibition

The reinforcement of Scientific concepts through projects and presentation is done in Grand Charter School. Exhibitions are held for the very purpose.

W Students fabricate their projects on academic themes and topics to reinforce learning and transforming knowledge in practical form. Renowned educationists and professionals are invited to encourage and appreciate our young scientists. This process develops confidence appreciation and higher self-esteem.

Literary Society

Literary Society is formed to promote literary activities and help the members to cultivate their literary taste and sharpen their writing skill.

While having brain-storming sessions, they learn how to produce a better piece of writhing to develop questions which can be approached from multiple prospective and to value the richness of the group’s thinking.

This society serves as a platform of participants with literary taste. Different write ups of young writers are collected, displayed and appreciated by this platform.

Student Council

The purpose of the Student Council is to enlist collective support from the student body for the interest and welfare of the school community. Their goal is to establish communication and understanding between faculty and students, raise issues of concern in the school as representatives of the entire student body. This develops leadership skills and instill a sense of responsibility. Amongst students.

Dramatic Club

The objective behind the formation of Dramatic Club is to generate interest in historic heritage and to build confidence to face the audience in an impressive manner.

By organizing the dramas, play and tableaus directed and presented by the students, we try to explore hidden dramatic talent of pupils. By sharing the skills of creativity and giving them the outlet of self-expression, we are setting the stage for the future, not only for our community but our society and humanity at large. The Dramatic Club also arranges national events like Defense Day, Quaid-e-Azam Day, Iqbal Day and Pakistan Day etc.

Debating Club

Debate is one of the most powerful instrument in education. GCS arranges debates, speeches, and many other competitions amongst the students to inculcate confidence, presentation skills and to develop confidence to express thoughts in an effective way. While preparing debates, the preparation and delivery of argumentation provides opportunity to think critically, develop their research skill and improve their communication abilities.

WStudents involved in debate are engaged in writing. Information analysis and in depth library and internet research that leads to higher grades in their career. This programme is designed to teach advocacy skill so that students are empowered with impressive as well as logical communication skills.

Growth Through Education

Children are encouraged to participate in multiple activities in free time such as athletics, aerobics and other event for their physical development. The objectives of these activities are to attain physical well-being and to develop the attitude for concentration & confidence. We try to inculcate sense of healthy competitions through sportsman spirit. Children learn to compete individually as well as in team, responding to challenges set by the opposing team and setting own challenges likewise. They gain mental stimulation and enjoyment by developing the ability to coordinate different parts of the body to achieve particular action.

Sports Club

Games are significant source of recreation as well as physical development of the students. Games build characters by developing sense of cooperation, tolerance, struggle, healthy competition and teamwork amongst the participants. Our sports schedule provides conducive atmosphere for indoor and outdoor games. School sports club arranges different sports events and tournaments like basketball, table tennis, Football and cricket according to different age levels.

Karate Club

For the physical growth of the children, regular drill periods and karate classes are being held by the club professional and trained instructors conduct these classes. Competitions are arranged and prizes are distributed amongst the winners. In this way, students of all ages are being trained in the art of self defense.

Unfolding Creativity

Through the skill of Fine Arts, the child’s vision of seeing the things and drawing them on canvas, becomes broad. We are born creative, if we neglect to develop and strengthen these skills, our creativity becomes inhibited, by assisting and encouraging a child’s creativity, we set the stage for endless opportunities for child’s imagination. By grooming their esthetic sense, we enable our children to have a beautiful view towards life. A child’s work speaks of his/her mind and enables us to judge his/her personality. A healthy imagination not only creates a resourceful and productive individual, but it also builds self-esteem which is an important tool to be used for the rest of that child’s life. When the students create work of art they don’t just draw a picture, instead they create aspects of their own imagination and thoughtful ideas which they bring into life through colours.
Arts education benefits the student because it grooms the child by developing intuition, reasoning, imagination dexterity into unique forms of expression. It enables a child to understand human experiences both of past and present. By doing the Arts, students stimulate their natural creativity and learn to develop it to meet the needs of a complex and competitive society and as study and competence in the arts reinforce one another, the joy of learning becomes real, tangible and powerful.
The art club arranges Art Exhibitions by collecting original artistic contributions of the students. Art Exhibitions are a blend of productivity, exciting and enriching creativity. The are work includes string work, cloth work, fabric painting, pot painting and drawings displayed in School Art Gallery. The children work with diverse mediums such as clay, wire sculpture. Plaster of paris and scratch board in addition to drawing techniques. We encourage all students regardless of artistic ability to be creative in a relaxed atmosphere. Student’s work gets appreciation and prizes are distributed to the best artists of the year. This gives students an honour and confidence to emerge as young artists in the society.