ABOUT GCS Grand Charter School is a center of ethical values, where each student feels esteemed and secured, where standard of excellence is achieved, where stimulating tailored guidance is provided to individual, where students receive holistic and challenging education. Grand Charter School originates a unique dimensional concept of blending modern thoughts with the traditional belief, value system, future goals, aspirations, development of culture and tradition for the accomplishment of our priorities as a nation. It believes in future building of new generation through education. GCS stands for “Knowledge, Excellence and Discipline”. The Very motto bears testimony to the value we attach to the highest qualities of character like courage, resolution, traits of nobility, self-respect and above all, discipline. The school emphases on social obligations to show understanding, respect and sympathy to others and fostering a collective sense of shared responsibility. We aim to work in collaboration with the students for their intellectual, physical and emotional development to build and lifelong desire for learning. Our objective is to create an environment of equal opportunity for all where students can develop their strengths in order to attain full potential for their comprehensive growth. Our programmes are based on the heritage of leadership and innovation, generated by inspiring vision, governed by uncompromising missionary zeal, and fueled by modern technology-all resulting into a distinguished character for which GCS is renowned. We focus on the development of leadership skills and innate talent amongst the students. We want to create a secure, safe and supportive working partnership between home, school, mosque and the wider community. Our mission is to facilitate and teach them to reach to the highest standards of efficiency, excellence, trust and commitment in accordance with the national values and aspirations, our success reflects in the confidence, attitude and behaviour of our students with the belief that their today is better than yesterday and the best is yet to come.