Grand Charter School is a modernized purpose built campus with 51,000 sq. ft. covered area. It comprises of eight separate blocks, acoustic auditorium, multimedia presentation halls, two well-equipped libraries, audio visual language lab, three computer labs, two science labs and a well-organized art gallery.

Four blocks are utilized by the primary section whereas three blocks are for secondary classes and a separate block is being used for O & A levels. Classrooms are well-furnished, air conditioned and well-equipped with specific academic resources. Spacious corridors and lobbies are prestigious feature of its structure. Play grounds and sports club provide an atmosphere for physical development of the students. Lush green front and back lawn add pride and prestige to the school building.

The School comprises spacious classrooms, Multimedia presentation halls, Acoustic Auditorium, Audio-Visual Language Lab, Computer and Science Labs according to the O & A Levels specifications to elevate respective standards. Multimedia classrooms are equipped with ceiling mounted projectors, computers, document cameras, DVD/VCR players, projection screens (LEDs), speakers, amplifiers, and Interactive whiteboards. The school library has vast collection of latest books and reading materials related to academic disciplines.

Grand Charter School is a center of ethical values, where each student feels esteemed and secured, where standard of excellence is achieved, where stimulating tailored guidance is provided to individual, where students receive holistic and challenging education.

Grand Charter School originates a unique dimensional concept of blending modern thoughts with the traditional belief, value system, future goals, aspirations, development of culture and tradition for the accomplishment of our priorities as a nation. It believes in future building of new generation through education. GCS stands for “Knowledge, Excellence and Discipline”. The Very motto bears testimony to the value we attach to the highest qualities of character like courage, resolution, traits of nobility, self-respect and above all, discipline.

GCS treats knowledge and wisdom as the basic elements for the rise of nation. We aim at creating a vibrant community of various streams of learners where quest for knowledge and wisdom will be shared to enhance global learning.

We strive to enable our students to face the challenges of the outer world and shape their personalities more productive and well-adjusted in the society. Our mission is to introduce dynamic educational curriculum, gear towards the ultimate goal of students’ development.


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